20 November 2009

One Love Scholarship

I have established the "One Love Scholarship" in Mangetti and want your help. The goal of this scholarship is to send one learner from Mangetti Combined School to senior secondary school (grades 11 and 12).

Mangetti Combined only goes up to grade 10, so the learners have to leave the bush to go to senior secondary school in town. Unfortunately, this means much higher school fees than most families in Mangetti can afford.

The average household income in Mangetti is 3 US Dollars per day. Yes, I said household and yes, I said 3 dollars per day! This is not even enough money to provide 1 meal a day for a family, as many rely on help from extended relatives. Needless to say, the average senior secondary school fees of 350 US Dollars is far more than they can afford.

In Namibia, passing grade 10 is a significant accomplishment, but in order to open doors of opportunity, they must pass grade 12. The people of Mangetti get neglected enough as it is, so we'd like to keep that door of opportunity open for at least one learner per year. This is where YOU come in! A donation of $10, $20 or $50 can provide a serious lift in a young Namibian's life. Larger donations are accepted also, but only if you're willing and able. If we can put together donations to equal $350, we can send a promising learner from Mangetti to grade 11 and 12! Thank you, in advance, for supporting international education, a key component of achieving world peace. :)

You can donate on my site by clicking on the "DONATE" icon.

FYI: The money for senior secondary school covers school development funds, hostel fees, stationary fees, uniform fees and other school fees that vary from school to school. Rest assured that every penny you donate will be used towards their education. The winner of the scholarship will be personally selected in mid-December when we find out the grade 10 results.
Here are photos of the 3 Finalists: Aloysia, Garu and Kamina. These aren't the best photos, I apologize.
ALOYSIA- in the front, looking at the camera
This was taken when she was helping create the library.

GARU-in the front in the orange trousers
Garu is one of my library assistants.
KAMINA-sitting next to me
This was taken when he won dinner at my hut for scoring the highest on the math exam in grade 10.


Brian Humphrey said...

thank you for loving.

Joy said...

This is great.
I'm going to repost this on some of the message boards I frequent and moderate, as well as my Facebook page to get the word out.
The more people that see the opportunity to donate, the better your chances for success.


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